Well it's not quiet how I imagined. I would have like for there to be more to do. Refilling the printer ink, sorting cap colors and filtering the water dispenser were all original goals. Honestly I am glad I cut them out and focused on the core and got my idea across.

There are a couple of bugs I did not have time to track down, most importantly when you put a cap on at the cap station it sometimes sits a couple of inches above the bottle neck. If you see this simply pull the lever down all the way until it won't go any further and release it. Once the assembly line moves again the cap will go to it's correct spot on the neck.

All work done by myself, from code to audio to art. Special thanks to my wife for being supportive through this super short project. Also a huge thanks to the jMonkey community for such a freakin cool engine! Pspeed deserves a shout out for his amazing libraries ZayEs entity/component system and Lemur UI! Both of which were utilized in this project.

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Feb 12, 2018

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